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Georgiana Pantiuc

Case Manager (Criminal), Police Station Department Manager

Georgiana Pantiuc is the case manager handling mainly police station and Magistrates’ Court cases internally and ensuring the smooth transition.

Georgiana finished her degree in International Law before joining the firm prior to her final dissertation. Georgiana has a keen interest in helping those in difficult situations and has achieved academic praise for her previous work on her International Law degree. Georgiana’s particular interests are Human Rights and Abuse of Process. She is popular amongst clients for her client care, and especially so with her Youth Court clients where she has received particular praise.

Georgiana also speaks fluent Romanian and can assist with clients that are of Romanian origin in communication. She is also immensely popular with those clients.

“Wanting to thank the firm, especially Georgiana and the "wonderful" Barrister used at Thomas's hearing. Extremely grateful and forever will be."

Karen - London