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Natalie Bernatovitch

Cilex Lawyer

Natalie has more than 18 years’ of experience working in criminal defence and regulatory work and became a lawyer in 2011.

Natalie joined Nelson Guest following a long spell at a fellow firm who also did criminal defence and regulatory work. Natalie has a wealth of experience ranging from Magistrates’ Court cases, up to the most serious Crown Court cases, and is also an accredited police station representative. Natalie regularly handles some of the firm’s most important cases; including proceedings in relation to Murder and Rape.

“I have known Natalie Bernatovitch for 12 years.

Ever since my first case Natalie ever took on, I have totally trusted her; 1 for Natalie’s commitment to the case she is working on. 2. How honest she is to me as her client. 3 The advice Natalie shares with me. 4. How thorough Natalie will pay attention to detail.

I had a difficult case, and it was the whole professional way Natalie understood what I was thinking and saying which assisted with the decisions I had to make.

She is the only lawyer I would take advice from. Natalie was with a firm which I always went to for advice. When Natalie left, I tracked her down and found her and I was so glad I did.

Natalie has represented not just myself, but members of my family. For me, Natalie is the best of the best. I, on a personal level would not trust anyone on a legal level as I trust Natalie.”

RR – London