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Updated: Jun 6

Sports professionals face ever-increasing scrutiny, from the public, the media, and from their UK and international regulatory bodies. These organisations variously have the power to instigate inquiries and disciplinaries which can damage careers, reputations and in some cases lead to criminal proceedings.

A number of high profile cases over the past few years, including drug and betting scnadals, have resulted in many governing organisations tightening their regimes with more frequent checks and investigations, reduced margins for error and more stringent penalties.

In cases where your livelihood is threatened it is vital to seek expert legal assisatnce as early in proceedings as possible. This is where Nelson Guest and Partners are ideally placed to help. Passionate about sports and with specialist knowledge of the rules and regulations that govern them, our highly trained legal team will work quickly to establish the facts of each unique case and use their experience and expertise to navigate through the often complex proceedings towards the best possible outcome for our clients. Our discretion is impeccable and we are well versed in ensuring private matters stay that way.

Whether you’re involved in football, boxing, athletics, cricket, motorsport, snooker, chess or any other professional sport, whether you’re newly turned professional or at the peak of your career and enjoying celebrity status, there can be bumps along the way. Nelson Guest Sports Lawyers will be there to help you.

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