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Allegations of a sexual nature carry a unique social stigma in addition to potentially lengthy sentences of imprisonment, and notification requirements, if you are convicted.


Complainants in sexual offence cases (erroneously referred to as ‘victims’ in almost every prosecution, police and media publication before a crime has even been proven to have occurred) are given a singular level of support which often puts you at a disadvantage if you are trying to defend yourself. The need for quality solicitors, experienced in defending against sexual offence allegations, has never been greater.

Sexual offences have been a hot topic in recent years. Rarely a day goes by when you will not read about a new allegation in the newspaper, online or on social media. This causes you a problem if you find yourself as the accused, because the potential for contamination of witness evidence, and the possibility of collusion, is far greater - particularly when the matter is reported online, often on a barely regulated platform.


Complainants in these cases are automatically considered eligible for ‘special measures’ when giving their evidence, such as screening or having their evidence pre-recorded on video. If convicted of a historic sexual offence, you will be sentenced according to current sentencing guidelines, which are often far stricter than those that would have been applicable at the time of the alleged offence. You will not be afforded anonymity during proceedings, although the complainant will.


There are likely to be strict limits on the questions that can be asked of the complainant during cross-examination. It is our view that these factors (amongst others) significantly dilute the presumption of your innocence. It is essential that you select the right solicitors who can restore the balance.

At Nelson Guest & Partners, we have a rich history of successfully defending those accused of the most serious sexual offences. We have defended against allegations spanning the full spectrum of sexual offences, both historic and recent. We have a strong connection with a network of barristers specialising in this area across the country, enabling us to offer you assistance wherever you are. You should instruct Nelson Guest & Partners to give you the best chance of success.

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