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Ryan Dormer

Solicitor (Complex Criminal Cases and Regulatory)

Ryan is responsible for handling complex cases internally from the point of charge to eventual disposal.

Ryan mainly handles Crown Court and Private Client work. He is renowned for his ability to deal with complex issues such as cell site, expert evidence and mens rea/fitness to plead points of law, regularly handling murder and rape matters.

He has received commendations from members of the legal profession for his analysis and approach to such evidence. He is also responsible for litigation on a variety of regulatory matters and also assists and advises on Power of Attorneys.

“I was first recommended to Nelson Guest Solicitors in 2013.

I work with Ryan Dormer on legal matters. He is market-leading in his advice, providing up to date guidance. To date, Ryan has handled three cases for me with a satisfactory outcome/right result in all.

Ryan is extremely friendly, flexible, and approachable, a pleasure to work with. Ryan provides an excellent service from the beginning to the end and really takes the time to understand the client and their needs which is so important.

Advice is usually needed quickly, and Ryan is easily accessible and is always happy to help.

I have worked a number of times with Ryan, he is very knowledgeable in the criminal field and it really shows in his advice. Ryan always takes the time to discuss issues and potential solutions. I have found his advice and guidance to be incredibly helpful.”

Mr FA – London