Kind words from Nelson Guest client

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Kind words from Nelson Guest client

We always appreciate feedback! Here's a lovely message from a recent client:

"This time last year I found myself in a situation which initially seemed quite harmless and so I did not seek any representation. I soon found that this was not the case and received a notice to attend court. Myself and my partner frantically called around solicitors for some advice. Many wanted to charge me prior to any advice, some did not return my calls (despite me stating the urgency) and one even suggested I pay him to attend court with me and that he would just meet me at Court 1 hour before to discuss my options.

"Thankfully my partner came across Nelson Guest and saw that they had great reviews. He spoke with Alfie who was a great help and gave some initial advice over the phone and then arranged an appointment with us at their office (might I add they stayed late as the earliest I could reach them was 6.30pm). We met with Alfie and Ross and we immediately felt comfortable with them. We were not at any point obligated to instruct them to act on my behalf and they did not charge me for that meeting which lasted 2 hours. I felt that Ross would be the best person to represent me and he was a continued great support.

"They managed my expectations well and always provided estimates on the overall piece of work and not per hour. This allowed me to be prepared for the costs to come and I felt secure that there were never any hidden fees. Whenever we discussed details over the phone or came to any decisions, Alfie would always follow up by email. I always knew where I stood and always felt comfortable to get in touch with any questions or concerns I may have had.

"On one occasion Ross even arranged to meet with us for a coffee on a Saturday as he knew I was anxious about the case. Even when we decided that Steve Nelson should take on my case, Ross was always on hand for support.

"One year later and my case has only just been resolved. Under the circumstances Steve got the best possible outcome and the support (legally and personally) I received from Alfie, Ross & Steve throughout was fantastic. I never at any point felt like I was being judged or that they were irritated by my questions or requests.

"I always felt important and never rushed when we met. Due to the length [of the case] and the other party, the costs escalated which Nelson Guest took into account and allowed me to make flexible payments. Should I ever be in need of a solicitor in the future, I wouldn’t go anywhere else. I recommend them to anyone in future for legal advice in their area of expertise.

"Thank you to Alfie, Ross & Steve."

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