Medical Revocations

If your driving licence as been revoked on medical grounds then it may be possible to appeal the DVLA’s ruling and resume driving.

Ultimate authority for granting and revoking driving licences lies with the Secretary of State for Transport, acting through the DVLA. As with so many areas of the law, the detail of how a driver’s fitness to drive is decided is complicated, and you may be disadvantaged if you try to appeal a decision without specialist legal assistance.

One example of an area which is open to a significant degree of interpretation, for example, is the way the Road Traffic Act 1988 definition of ‘disability’ divides into three categories;

‘disability’, which covers disease and drug or alcohol misuse,

‘relevant disability’, covering prescribed disability and the catch-all; “any other disability likely to cause the driving of a vehicle by him in pursuance of a licence to be a source of danger to the public”


‘prospective disability’, which refers to conditions which “...may become a relevant disability in course of time”.

Clearly, there are various ways in which these might be interpreted, both in medical and legal terms, especially with regard to‘ prospective disability’ where it would appear judgements can be made based on events that have not yet taken place.

Using our legal expertise and, if appropriate, one of our pool of expert medical witnesses, NGP can look into the detail of your case and maximise your chance of the best possible outcome.

Losing your driving licence can have a devastating effect on your lifestyle and career, so if you consider a DVLA ruling to be unfair, or if you feel the medical evidence the revocation is based on is questionable then it is in your best interest to contact NGP as early as possible.

Nelson Guest have over 25 years’ experience of dealing with appeals, revocations and other driving matters so we are extremely well-placed to help you through your appeal process.

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