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We understand. You’ve been charged with a motoring offence. You’ve had a look through the charge sheet and the evidence against you, and you’re terrified. Losing your licence could have devastating consequences; you could lose your job, which would make you lose your income, which means you can’t pay the mortgage and support your family, and so on.
So, what can you do? Surely these cases are black and white? The evidence can’t possibly be challenged, can it?
Trust us, it can be. At Nelson Guest & Partners, we are renowned for achieving excellent results for our clients charged with motoring offences. Quite simply, we stand out not only because we are committed and ruthless, but we have experience in defending driving cases and believe that that can be the difference between you winning and losing you’re case. We believe that every client deserves a premium service and that’s exactly what we deliver.
Whether you’ve been stopped for drink driving, drug driving, failing to provide, speeding, dangerous or careless driving, we’ve had extensive experience in fighting for our clients in this area. We will meet with you to explain the complex issues in jargon-free language and detail our approach to the case. If you decide the instruct us, we will attend the first hearing and put the Court and prosecution on notice of all the defence issues for trial and navigate you through the tricky area of case management. We will then go over and above to make sure that your trial is thoroughly prepared. Read our private client page and testimonials for more information.
What can the preparation involve in these cases? The answer is pretty much anything. We frequently instruct experts, trace witnesses to take statements, visit the scene of the alleged incident to take recordings, prepare statistical exhibits and draft complex legal arguments often involving cases historically, which we can find but you probably won’t be able to. We recognise that motoring offences, in particular, require an innovative approach, so we will do whatever we can to ensure that your defence is substantiated at trial.
In the appropriate circumstances, we also make exceptional hardship arguments for those clients who would suffer the most from losing their licence, seeking to persuade the Court that it would be unfair to impose such a disproportionate penalty.
Don’t take the risk of going to Court unrepresented. Please get in touch to arrange a meeting to discuss your case.

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