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Dangerous Driving Offences Solicitors

Dangerous Driving is a criminal offence which covers both the operation of a vehicle and/or that vehicle’s condition. As with Careless Driving, the 1988 Road Traffic Act applies an extremely broad set of definitions for the offence, including:

  • the way he drives falls far below what would be expected of a competent and careful driver, and
  • it would be obvious to a competent and careful driver that driving in that way would be dangerous.

Specialist road traffic offence solicitors Nelson Guest have over 25 years experience in defending clients facing dangerous driving charges so we are extremely experienced in this complicated area of UK driving law.

Tangible examples of dangerous driving (previously known as reckless driving) include dangerous overtaking, racing and ignoring traffic lights and signals. For the more serious offence of Causing Death By Dangerous Driving please see our separate section here.

With dangerous driving, as opposed to causing death by dangerous driving, covering a great many offences, so the range of potential penalties is also broad, but it is possible to receive up to two years’ imprisonment, an unlimited fine and an obligatory disqualification. The penalties are more severe for causing death by dangerous driving.

The Sentencing Council guidelines include ‘Genuine emergency’, ‘Speed not excessive’ and ‘Offence due to inexperience rather than irresponsibility of driver’ as indicators of ‘lower culpability' that is, offences which might attract milder penalties. These, like the definitions of the offence, are broad, somewhat sweeping guidelines open to significant interpretation.

The prosecution will, understandably, attempt to use the resultant grey areas to their advantage. For a case, or trial, to be balanced and fair it is important for there to be a defence just as skilled in terms of legal interpretation, selection of evidence and witnesses and with thorough knowledge of the labyrinth of legal processes and procedures which must be followed to ensure a fair outcome.

If you are facing a dangerous driving charge then contact specialist road traffic solicitors NGP as soon as possible to ensure you have the best possible outlook in court.