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Failure to Stop and Report

Failure to stop and report an accident is an offence that can, in the most serious cases, result in an unlimited fine and six months in prison. The Sentencing Council use ‘culpability’ and ‘harm’ to adjudge the severity of the offence and therefore the resultant penalty.

Examples of ‘higher culpability’ include an “Offence committed in circumstances where a request for a sample of breath, blood or urine would have been made had the offender stopped” and an “Offence committed by offender seeking to avoid arrest for another offence,” Cases of high culpability and/or harm are taken extremely seriously by the courts. Failure to stop is, like most areas of UK motoring law, vastly complex with many of the guidelines and procedures are open to scrutiny and interpretation. This can be done by an experienced legal practitioner.

Regardless of the circumstances surrounding your case, it is your right to seek the best possible outcome in court. You will often face very knowledgable and skilled prosecutors meaning you could be at a severe disadvantage if you try and defend yourself, or accept the services of a non-specialist solicitor without extensive experience in this area of law.

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