Appealing a Revoked Driving Licence

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Appealing a Revoked Driving Licence

When you have had your driving licence revoked because of a medical condition there are sometimes valid reasons to have your case looked at by legal experts to assess whether there are grounds for appealing the DVLA’s decision.

For most people, the loss of their driving licence is a seriously disruptive event which impacts their work and personal lifestyles. But medical revocations are not all clear-cut cases and the DVLA, acting for the Secretary of State for Transport, must often decide how to interpret parts of the 1988 Road Traffic Act on which their decisions are based.

Take, for example, the way three types of disability are legally defined and categorised:

'disability', which includes disease and misuse of drugs or alcohol,

'relevant disability', which includes prescribed disability and “any other disability likely to cause the driving of a vehicle by him in pursuance of a licence to be a source of danger to the public” which could cover a fairly broad range of circumstances, and

'prospective disability' which relates to conditions which “...may become a relevant disability in course of time”.

The last of these three in particular is open to significant interpretation, dealing as it does with possible future events. This, combined with possible variances of opinion regarding medical diagnoses, can make correct decisions, and therefore fair outcomes, difficult to achieve.

With driving being such an important part of many people’s lives it is important any cases which are open to any degree of uncertainty should be examined, and where appropriate, appealed. The appeal process is complex and requires legal knowledge and expertise.

If you feel you have grounds for appealing a revoked licence, either because you feel the ruling is unfair or the medical diagnosis is questionable, then it is advisable to seek specialist legal assistance as soon as possible. Appeals against licence revocations can be made directly to the DVLA or within six months of revocation, to your local magistrates court. In each case your best chance of the fairest outcome is with professional legal representation.

NGP London Driving Lawyers have more than 25 years' experience of dealing with driving licence appeals and we have an excellent record in securing the best possible outcomes for our clients.

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