Drink Driving – What UK Motorists Need to Know

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Drink Driving – What UK Motorists Need to Know

The penalties for drink-driving related offences can include a driving ban, unlimited fine and a prison sentence ranging from 3 months, for being in charge of a vehicle while above the legal limit or unfit through drink, through to 14 years for causing death by careless driving when under the influence. All, of course, accompanied by a criminal record.

And then there are the resultant lifestyle problems, which could include loss of work, or even career, and a myriad of family and social challenges. As if that was not sufficient punishment, car insurance will subsequently become hugely expensive (if it can be obtained at all).

For these reasons it is vital you enlist the help of a specialist driving and motoring solicitor. At Nelson Guest and Partners we have an enviable success rate in all kinds of driving related matters. Not only are we experts in drink-driving law, we are vastly experienced in using it to our clients’ best advantage - at the police station and, when necessary, at court.

According to approximately 85,000 people are prosecuted for drink driving-related offences each year in England and Wales, 85% of them male.

The current legal limits for alcohol in England and Wales are 80 milligrammes of alcohol per 100 millilitres of blood (50 mg per 100 ml in Scotland). There is no safe way to convert this, or visualize it, in terms of alcohol consumption as each person is different in terms of body mass and metabolism and, furthermore, an individual’s tolerance varies depending on factors such as food digestion, stress levels and sleep patterns.

Safest then, not to drink at all, or at least wait long enough for any alcohol to clear your system – although this length of time can also vary considerably (There are countless examples of drivers being found over the limit the morning after a night out).

But should you find yourself under arrest for any drink driving related offence, it is important to secure expert legal assistance, preferably from a specialist motoring lawyer, in order to ensure the outcome of your case is the best it can be given your circumstances. This could mean anything from a reduced ban to, in many cases, acquittal.

Nelson Guest and Partners are specialists in all areas of driving and motoring law, and in particular, drink driving, drunk in charge and failure to provide cases. There are countless ways in which our legal expertise can help you avoid prosecution or, in proven cases, reduce the severity of the sentence, and we frequently secure such outcomes for our clients.

The loss of a driving license, a hefty fine, career, family and social upheaval and the resultant insurance issues will have significant negative impact on most people’s lives. They are too important to face alone and without the correct legal help. If you find yourself facing any or all of these scenarios call us without delay on 020 8309 5010 for friendly, professional and expert advise. You can also use our contact page.

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