Driving Offences – Why Expert Legal Representation Matters

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Driving Offences – Why Expert Legal Representation Matters

NGP Driving Lawyers in London have more than 25 years’ experience in representing those facing driving offences in London, the home counties and beyond.

Alongside serious offences such as drink driving and dangerous driving, which can result in lengthy bans and even prison sentences, seemingly trivial transgressions can take you over the threshold of 12 penalty points and lead to a driving ban. This can obviously have serious consequences if you rely on your vehicle for your job or for family and social commitments.

Every case has its own set of unique circumstances and there are many areas of the law which are open to a degree of interpretation. The CPS (Crown Prosecution Service) understandably use their knowledge and experience to present the facts in a way that maximises the possibility of a conviction. Without an expert, defence lawyer - who has specialist knowledge of motoring law - to balance the equation, defendants can be at a huge disadvantage.

This is the nature of the UK’s adversarial legal system and why it is vital that everyone takes up their right to professional representation and achieves the fairest outcome in their case. Even when found guilty of an offence, the resulting sentences can vary depending, for example, on mitigating circumstances surrounding the incident in question. Only with intricate knowledge of complex laws can such mitigations be established and presented in such a way as to impact the outcome of a case.

Those representing themselves (litigants in person) have the odds stacked against them, as do those who rely on legal representation by practitioners without specialist knowledge of UK driving legislation.

NGP are vastly experienced in defending all driving matters, from minor offences through to extremely serious cases, and we have an excellent record in fighting our clients’ cases, often securing reduced sentences or acquittals. Even if you have already been convicted of a driving offence there are circumstances in which it is possible to appeal, against the conviction, the sentence or both. NGP Driving Lawyers have vast experience and expertise in this area.

An important part of our friendly, professional service is to explain complex legal procedures to our clients in plain language, throughout what can seem a daunting and bewildering legal process. We will guide you at every step of your case and ensure through meticulous research and planning that nothing is left to chance. Initially we offer a free, informal and confidential consultation where we will explain your options and advise you on your best course of action.

You can contact NGP 24 hours a day and we will advise you on your best course of action.

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