London Motoring Lawyers for all Driving Offences

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London Motoring Lawyers for all Driving Offences

Even comparatively minor motoring offences can have significant effects on your career and lifestyle. Loss of a driving licence through exceeding the 12 penalty point threshold will especially impact those who rely on their vehicle for work or for family responsibilities.

Convictions for more serious offences, such as drink driving, drug driving and dangerous driving. will also carry the risk of significant fines, lengthier bans and, in many cases, custodial sentences.

The circumstances surrounding an arrest for driving offences vary considerably. Some incidents are, of course, the result of irresponsible driving, but many are the result of momentary lapses of judgement by otherwise reliable and skilled motorists. Each case is unique and the complexity of the UK driving laws reflects this vast spectrum of causes and effects.

Whether convicted of a serious crime, or a minor transgression which nevertheless has potentially serious consequences, you have the right to legal defence equal to the expertise and resources of the prosecution services tasked with proving guilt and securing your conviction.

The adversarial UK legal system relies on such a balance to ensure a fair outcome for each case that reaches court, however many defendants are faced with navigating the complicated legal system with the odds stacked against them. By attempting to defend themselves in court (a ‘litigant in person’) or by instructing legal representation lacking specialist knowledge of UK motoring law, an individual faced with driving related charges puts themselves at a significant disadvantage.

The Crown’s prosecutors in your case will have intricate knowledge of relevant law and the experience to utilise it to best further their case. Criminal defence lawyers Nelson Guest and Partners have 25 years’ experience in defending driving cases and an excellent success rate in securing reduced sentences and acquittals for our clients. We have specialist knowledge and expertise of all motoring-related matters and a passion for achieving the fairest outcome in each of the many cases we have been instructed to defend.

Nelson Guest realise many defendants facing motoring charges will feel daunted by the legal processes they are facing, so we have a tailored approach to our service which includes step-by-step guidance and explanation of complex law in plain, understandable language.

You can contact Nelson Guest any time for a confidential and obligation-free consultation where we will explain your options and advise you on your best course of action. In some cases those already prosecuted may have grounds for appealing their sentence, conviction or both. Again Nelson Guest have a wealth of knowledge and experience in this field and will be able to advise you based on the circumstances of your case.

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