New UK driving laws to be aware of in 2019

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New UK driving laws to be aware of in 2019

New UK motoring laws in place, or imminent, in 2019 include changes to MOTs, diesel tax, motorway driving and overtaking cyclists. Here NGP London Driving Lawyers bring you some of the main areas which could affect you:

L Plates on Motorways

Learner drivers are allowed on the motorways for the first time but must display L plates and be accompanied by an approved driving instructor with dual control over the vehicle.

Other punitive changes to motorway driving include a fixed penalty of £100 plus three penalty points for using a closed lane when red ‘x’ signs are displayed overhead.

Overtaking Cyclists

Starting in March this year new legislation will mean motorists can be fined for leaving insufficient space when passing a cyclist. The law, which cites 1.5m as a safe distance when overtaking, will be backed by new penalties, with drivers facing a possible £100 fine plus three penalty points on their licences.

MOT changes

A shake-up of MOT laws has seen defects recategorised as dangerous, major, (both resulting in a fail), minor (to be addressed as soon as possible), advisory (possibly needing future attention) and pass. The stricter categories are accompanied by a raft of new compulsory checks, including contamination of brake fluid, underinflated tyres, brake discs, pads and worn pad warning lights.

Diesel Tax Hikes

Those running diesel cars continue to be hit in the pocket with the fixed Vehicle Excise Duty of £140 being supplanted by a calculation of the vehicle’s carbon dioxide emissions, with the majority of drivers facing and extra £40 per year tax, while those driving higher emissions vehicles will face bills of up to £500 in the first year.

The highest raise of first-year tax is £500 for cars which emit between 191 and 225g of CO per year. However, those which emit the more environmentally-friendly 111 to 130g/km will only see their tax go up by £40.

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Even comparatively minor offences can lead to penalty points which can take drivers over the threshold for an automatic ban, which can have serious consequences in terms of career and lifestyle. If you find yourself in this position, or you are facing driving-realted charges of a more serious nature, friendly, specialist legal assistance is at hand.

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