Success for NGP client in mobile phone driving case

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Success for NGP client in mobile phone driving case

NGP London Driving Lawyers have, once again, struck success for a client in relation to a ‘using a mobile phone whilst driving’ charge.

Our client had instructed the firm to assist him with an allegation that he was using his mobile phone whilst driving. The client stated that he had not, in fact, been using his phone, despite holding it and driving.

The client was advised that the burden is on the prosecution to prove that there was ‘use’ of an interactive feature on the phone. It did not seem that they would be able to prove this. Therefore, the client instructed the firm to write representations to the police to consider reducing the charge.

Subsequently, the client was happy to receive an alternative charge of ‘driver not being in position to have proper control’, which attracts a lower penalty of 3 points and £100.00 fine (rather than 6 points and £200.00 fine).

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