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Insurance Cases

Depending on whether you have Legal Expenses Cover, it may well be that once you have contacted us, then we can liaise with your insurer and try and activate any policy which provides legal cover.

Despite what you may be told, more often than not you do not have to instruct a firm from their panel, but in any event, we can make these enquiries on your behalf so feel free to leave that to us.

Example of a case funded by an insurer

The Defendant approached us with a view to representing him at trial. He had been requisitioned for a matter of driving without due care and attention.

He confirmed that he was a professional driver, and an endorsement of 6 points would entail his losing his licence. The Defendant had been recommended to us specifically by other professionals in his organisation.

We first of all checked his insurance policy. We were eventually appointed to act by the insurer after a lengthy discussion about rates and quality of service. This was not left to the client. The insurers were persuaded to allow us to take the case at a rate that allowed us to do the best job that we could for the client.

Following this, we begun to work on the Defendants case. We reviewed all of the evidence and instructed an expert in crash scene investigation. Further to that we made a hearsay application seeking to admit evidence regarding a Freedom of Information Act request. The response to this request confirmed that wet conditions on the road in question had led Transport For London to take additional measures to try and restrict flooding and drainage on the road in question.

A noting brief was provided at trial by specific counsel from a Barristers chambers in London in order that a full and thorough note was taken. This would have proved useful should there have been a need to appeal. Ross Greig was instructed by the client in his capacity of Solicitor Advocate following. Statements were taken from the Defendant and his Partner by Mrs Bernatovitch and the case was fully prepared, giving the Defendant the best prospect of success.

After a lengthy trial, that eventually concluded at 8 pm in the evening owing to a late start in the afternoon, the Defendant was acquitted. The Magistrates’ cited the compelling nature of the defence case and in particular the expert evidence, which was considered as very important in their eventual rationale.

This client kept his licence, was acquitted, and didn’t have to pay for it.

Please contact us if you have a driving matter and we can check your policy too.