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Security Industry Authority

The Security Industry Authority operate to regulate all security and door supervisors, CCTV, static manned guarding, or those with responsibilities in close protection. Working in the private security field requires individuals to be licensed by the SIA. These licensing requirements exist to ensure that people are adequately qualified and trained to perform security roles.

If you work in the security sector and you’ve lost your SIA Licence, we appreciate that this can have a devastating impact on your career, as well as immediate and ongoing financial implications. If your SIA License has been revoked, or you have any other licensing issues that you need guidance on, our Security Industry Authority solicitors can support you.

We can provide assistance in various ways, including if you have been refused a licence or are under a SIA investigation. Our experts at Nelson Guest can help with all of the following:

  • Licence refusal
  • Meetings with the SIA
  • Interviews under caution
  • Licensing appeals
  • Revocations and suspensions

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Our solicitors can provide expert legal advice on Security Industry Authority matters. If you need legal assistance in this area, we can offer the representation and guidance required.

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Our SIA Licence Expertise

Licence refusal

The SIA may refuse a licence for a number of reasons, for example, having a criminal record, lack of permission to work in the UK, misrepresentation of identity, or lack of security training.

If your license has been refused, our solicitors can offer you honest and practical legal recommendations on your options. For instance, if your licence has been refused due to a criminal record, we may be able to support you in submitting mitigating evidence and encourage the SIA to reconsider your application.

Meetings and interviews under caution

If SIA investigators have invited you to a meeting, or you are required to attend an interview under caution, our specialist solicitors can support you in preparing and helping you to defend your case.

There are various circumstances where individuals or business leaders may be investigated or interviewed, including:

  • You are suspected of conducting licensable conduct, despite having no licence
  • It is believed that you have violated licence conditions
  • A failure to submit information when requested or having obstructed SIA officials
  • Providing false statements to the SIA
  • Employing staff without a license (in roles where a SIA licence is required)


If you’ve applied for a licence, and the SIA have refused your application, we can support you to appeal. Our team have much experience in licensing appeals and can advise you on the information you’ll need to provide, along with unbiased guidance on how to strengthen your appeal, if possible.

To discuss your appeal today, please contact our experts at Nelson Guest for an initial consultation.

Revocations and suspensions

At Nelson Guest, we understand that having your SIA licence revoked or suspended can have a drastically negative impact on your livelihood. There are many reasons that the SIA might revoke a license, for instance, if an individual does not have the correct qualifications or has received a relevant criminal caution or conviction.

Fortunately, with expert legal support, there is every chance that individuals and businesses can get their SIA Licences reinstated.

Frequently asked questions about SIA Licences

What is a Security Industry Authority licence?

The Security Industry Authority (SIA) was established back in 2001. It is the organisation responsible for upholding high standards for private security. If you’re working in the security sector, you’ll be required to have a SIA license. The license permits an individual to work in the security industry, providing that they have the right kind of training.

Professionals, including security guards, door supervisors, or those working in vehicle immobilising or CCTV, will all need to have a SIA licence.

How do I get the Security Industry Authority?

To obtain a SIA licence, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be at least 18 years old or over
  • Successfully pass a criminal record and identity check
  • Hold a recognised door supervisor qualification

How can I lose my SIA license?

There are various circumstances which you might lose your license. The SIA will revoke licences under the following circumstances:

  • You have received a warning, caution, criminal conviction, or an absolute or conditional discharge for an offence
  • You have made false claims about your training qualifications and do not have the training required to hold a licence
  • You have been using a SIA licence, but you do not have permission to work in the UK
  • You have broken the conditions of your licence
  • The SIA have reason to believe you are not a suitable person to have a SIA license
  • You have been detained or subjected to another enforced measure as a result of having a mental disorder

What will stop me from getting my SIA licence?

If you have a criminal record, you may be stopped from getting a SIA licence, but not necessarily. It largely depends on the offence.

Where applicants have some form of criminal record, the SIA will consider the following:

  • If the offence you were convicted of is on the list of ‘relevant offences’
  • How serious the offence was
  • The sentence that was given for the offence
  • How recently the offence was committed

Can I get my SIA license back if it's been revoked?

Yes, it’s possible. When a SIA licence is revoked, the person who held the license might appeal against this decision. Individuals have a period of 21 days to submit an appeal which will later be reviewed at a Magistrates Court.

We’ve worked with many clients on revoked licence cases, committing ourselves to robustly defending our clients helping them to get their licences back as quickly as possible.

What should I do if my SIA license was refused due to a criminal record?

If your license has been refused due to having a criminal record, you can submit an appeal. It is recommended to seek legal advice to guide you through the process.

As part of your appeal, you can offer mitigating evidence concerning your criminal record, including a character reference and a personal statement. It is also an option to provide information about any rehabilitation you’ve undertaken since the offence.

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Our solicitors can provide expert legal advice on SIA licensing matters. If you need legal assistance in this area, we can offer the representation and guidance required.

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