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Sports Law

We can assist with all aspects of sports law. We offer a discreet, strategic, and individually tailored service for sports law matters, including, but not limited to, disciplinary procedures, criminal offences and anti-doping.

Regulators at national and international level police conduct both in and out of the sporting arena with sanctions that can harm, and in some instances instantly end, a career. The critical need for impeccable reputational management, often under the scrutiny of the press, imposes pressures that few can afford to ignore.

We understand that sporting professionals deliver at the very highest level and therefore rightly demand the best from those looking after their broader needs.

Before a matter gets out of control, you need someone on your side ensuring all sides of a case are heard and scrutinised, and investigations and hearings are conducted in a fair and proportionate manner; someone working proactively to secure justice, for you and your future career.

If your matter is urgent, we are primed to react quickly on your behalf.