Assault Solicitors

Nelson Guest & Partners regularly represent defendants charged with offences of assault. Assaults can range from common assault, which does not even require contact, to murder or manslaughter at the other end of the spectrum.

There can often be assaults with a consequence for the alleged victim, such as actual or serious harm. These kinds of cases can result in more serious charges. We have an enviable record of defending clients charged with such offences, including S20 and S18 Offences Against the Persons Act charges.

In every case, it is essential to ensure the evidence has been scrutinised and there are often operative defences that lay clients might not have understood applied, for example, self-defence or defence of another. In a culture where the courts advocate guilty pleas, it is essential that the evidence is reviewed and detailed instructions are taken, as we have frequently experienced lay clients that have been confused by the procedure, based on the law and the evidence relevant to their case.

It may be that alternative pleas could be considered appropriate after discussions between the defence and the CPS. You may also require your circumstances put before the court in the best possible light in order to try and reduce any sentence.

In any of the above scenarios we can help. For a free 10-minute consultation to discuss your case contact Nelson Guest on 020 8309 5010.