Fraud Solicitors


The term ‘fraud’ is used to describe a multitude of different criminal offences of varying severity. It can cover the benefit fraud offences, the offences under the Fraud Act 2006, conspiracy to defraud and many others. Sentences for fraud offences are generally based on the value of the fraud, the higher the value, the more severe the likely punishment. More sophisticated frauds can be committed by individuals and companies alike. It is not unusual for many innocent parties to become suspects in fraud cases simply by association with those responsible, particularly if they are colleagues.

Complex fraud cases are often ‘paper heavy’ in respect of the evidence served. The police and the prosecution may review computers, bank accounts and telephones, and the material gathered from those sources will be disclosed to the defence.

The prosecution may serve thousands of pages of evidence, with tens of thousands more disclosed as unused material. It is essential that you be represented by a firm who is accustomed to analysing such a wealth of complex evidence.

Nelson Guest & Partners has defended clients charged with every type of fraud—from benefit frauds to multi-million-pound ‘boiler room’ frauds. If you are charged with fraud, you need a firm of solicitors who are familiar with the complex evidence often involved in these cases. You need a firm who can analyse difficult financial and electronic material, provide you with clear, concise advice, and devise a thorough case strategy. You should instruct Nelson Guest & Partners.​

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