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Domestic Violence Solicitors

With pressure rising in a world already filled with stress and anxiety, increasing amounts of domestic disputes in the family home result in criminal litigation. Often, the incident will involve one party calling the police in a heat of the moment decision over an argument. Sometimes, the call is with merit and sometimes without.

The main problem for suspects and defendants in these cases is the public policy governing domestic matters. More often than not, the CPS try and force through prosecution by whatever means necessary and often without the support of the alleged victim in the case, who might later realise that with hindsight there was no criminality in the first place. Legal arguments are often involved in the admissibility of evidence in these cases and it is increasingly difficult for defendants to fight their corner in the absence of representation.

Increasingly, we are seeing a trend in domestic matters that result in court proceedings leaving defendants feeling helpless. Bail conditions frequently remove the ability of the defendant to reside at their home with the party who has made the complaint. It can disrupt work and bring about financial problems given that a short-term tenancy, or alternative housing, needs to be found. This can also result in problems with access to children and belongings at the address.

Nelson Guest & Partners have an excellent record of defending matters such as these where it is very important to ensure that the admissibility of evidence has been determined and properly argued, and where appropriate we will draft representations to the CPS in an attempt to bring proceedings to a halt.

Whether you seek to defend your case and secure an acquittal or whether the advice you require is more general, such as what mitigation you may have in the event of a guilty plea, we can help.

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