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Sexual Offences Solicitors

There seems to be an ever-increasing culture of sexual allegations against innocent parties. Often there will be an extreme degree of sensitivity to a case like these. We have represented clients on sexual assaults which have ranged from the slapping of someone’s bottom to allegations of rape.

Each case will be fact sensitive and of course, the law on what is considered as consent is often quite confusing to lay individuals, who may take the view that consent whilst another party is in drink, is valid, when in fact the law may dictate that this is not the case at all.

Cases such as these often turn on digital downloads from mobile phones. Disclosure of relevant evidence for the defendant has become an increasingly thorny issue, as society tries to strike a balance between what is right and proper for complainants whilst not preventing a Defendant from defending his or herself properly.

We will always make sure that disclosure is sought to help bolster any defence that one of our clients puts forward. It could be the most important aspect of the case entirely.

Sometimes these offences may result in the instruction of a QC (Queen’s Counsel).

Some of the complex matters in this respect may include:

  • Bad character evidence
  • S8 Criminal Procedure and Investigations Act applications for ordered disclosure
  • Applications to adduce previous sexual tendencies
  • S78 Police and Criminal Evidence Act 198 applications to exclude.