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Harassment Solicitors

These are often very contentious in nature. They often come off the back of “axes to grind” where relationships have broken down. There are various different types of harassment, including harassment with threats of violence or violence, harassment without threats of violence or violence and stalking.

On occasions the Protection from Harassment Act is used as a weapon by alleged victims to further their own ends. Whilst this is not always the case, we see increasing scenarios where false allegations are made against people, or indeed the alleged victim has struggled to cope emotionally following a fallout and lashes out by way of instigating a prosecution. Often what is left behind in these scenarios are the rights of the person accused of the crime and the effect on them. It is far more likely that an allegation considered to be domestic violence related will result in Court proceedings. We seem to see an approach where the Defendant’s account is not really given the credence that it should be, until such time as the facts become clear at a trial where the issue is battled out.

Whether it is a plea in mitigation to try and limit the damage from a guilty plea, or a fully contested trial, we have handled countless numbers of such cases.