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Upskirting Offence Solicitors

At Nelson Guest, we understand that being accused of upskirting can be incredibly stressful, and that you may well be left confused about your legal options. If you are in this predicament, our upskirting offence solicitors can help.

Upskirting refers to the act of using a mobile phone or a camera underneath an individual’s clothing, to photograph or record that person’s buttocks or genitals. When committed without consent this act is an offence and is considered a form of sexual abuse, for which the maximum penalty is two years in prison.

Our expert upskirting offence solicitors have plenty of experience defending clients against a range of upskirting accusations. We will always offer tailor-made advice, based on a detailed understanding of your situation. Your solicitor will provide an overview of your position, and a simple explanation of what will happen during the legal stages.

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Why choose us?

Our specialist upskirting solicitors have plenty of experience in upskirting law, working with clients who’ve been accused of various types of upskirting offences.

We understand that these cases are sensitive in nature, as a result, we will always approach your case with care, ensuring that your concerns are dealt with promptly.

At Nelson Guest, we have cleared many clients of upskirting charges, drawing on our expertise to build a strong case. We will gain a clear appreciation of your situation, allowing us to offer personalised support.

It is always our goal to provide straightforward legal help, sparing you the jargon and offering practical solutions to best resolve your situation. If you have any questions regarding upskirting offences, we are here to answer these promptly.

Our goal is to provide a great quality service, as well as value for money. Our criminal defence department has a fantastic track record for supporting clients to reach a favourable outcome.

Our upskirting offence solicitors can provide help with all areas of support that an accused client may need, including:

  • Legal advice for those who’ve been accused of an upskirting offence, tailoring our support to your situation, and providing honest information about your outlook
  • Help to build a strong legal defence, ensuring the most favourable outcome
  • Representing you in Court if this is required
  • Negotiation with the prosecution, in order to achieve the most favourable settlement possible
  • Drafting and filing documents needed for the case and legal stages

Frequently asked questions about upskirting offences

Is upskirting illegal?

Yes, upskirting is illegal, and comes under the Voyeurism Offences Act 2019. According to this law, an individual is judged to have committed an upskirting offence if they have used equipment underneath the clothing of another person, with the intent of observing that person’s genitals or buttocks, no matter if exposed or clothed.

A voyeurism offence like this is usually carried out using a mobile phone, and could involve taking a video or a photograph. For the act to be deemed an offence, it must be a non-consensual act. Even if the offender does not record the image, the act still counts as upskirting if the offender was using a device to observe under the victims clothing.

When was upskirting made illegal?

Upskirting was made illegal in April 2019, it was deemed a crime under the Voyeurism Act. Our solicitors have much experience of working with those who’ve been accused of upskirting offences, and can answer any questions you may have.

Is upskirting a form of abuse?

Yes, upskirting is considered a form of sexual abuse. It is illegal under the Voyeurism Act. If you have been accused of upskirting, it is important that you seek the assistance of an expert upskirting solicitor.

What is the maximum penalty that can be imposed for upskirting?

The maximum penalty for upskirting is 2 years in prison. The penalty that is imposed depends on the type of offence, and the circumstances surrounding the offence.

In order to have the best chance of a reduced penalty, our experts at Nelson Guest can support you.

Which factors may impact the penalty for an upskirting offence?

Though every case is different, according to upskirting legislation there are various factors that may have an impact on the penalty for an upskirting offence.

For example, an individual might be more likely to receive a less severe upskirting offence if they do not have any prior convictions, show remorse for their actions, or have a learning disability or mental disorder.

A person might be more likely to receive a more severe sentence if they have tried to hide or dispose of evidence, or have distributed the videos or photographs of the victim.

What should I do if I’ve been accused of an upskirting offence?

If you’ve been accused of an upskirting offence, it’s important that you get in touch with a specialist upskirting solicitor as soon as possible.

Depending on the circumstances, upskirting offences can result in prison sentences, and so a strong legal defence is imperative.

At Nelson Guest, we have much experience working with clients who’ve been accused and will be sure to explore every possible avenue to build a strong legal defence.

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