Specialist criminal lawyer for environmental law defence

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Specialist criminal lawyer for environmental law defence

The penalties attached to a conviction for environmental offences can be severe for organisations and individuals alike. As with many areas of UK law environmental legislation is complex. If you are faced with an allegation then instructing a specialist environmental lawyer is essential in order to achieve a fair outcome in your case.

Environmental law covers areas such as waste management, contaminant management, chemical safety and water quality and in each category there are a range of possible offences, the seriousness of which are graded by culpability, that is, the degree to which the crime is deemed intentional or calculated.

Culpability categories range from ‘low’ to the most serious, ‘deliberate’. Where a defendant is found guilty, the severity of the sentence is based on these categories, and this, combined with the number of possible offences under the ‘environmental’ heading, results in a bewildering number of possible outcomes.

Unsurprisingly the level of legal expertise and experience needed to navigate this maze of legislation is significant. The prosecution will certainly possess the necessary knowledge and the skills to present complicated and intricate legal arguments in the light that best suits their case.

It is therefore imperative, given the UK’s adversarial legal system, for those accused of environmental, and other serious crimes, to be represented by specialist criminal defence lawyers whose experience of this specialist area of law is sufficient to challenge that of the prosecution’s.

If you, or your organisation, are under suspicion for an environmental crime, whether a domestic waste matter or a more serious commercial allegation, Nelson Guest are experts in this field and have an excellent success record, from reducing our clients’ culpability categories through to acquittals.

Every defendant has the right to a fair hearing and to achieve this securing specialist criminal defence representation is essential. Contact Nelson Guest for a free, confidential consultation where we will explain, in clear language, your options. Call us on 020 309 5010 24/7 or use our contact form.

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