Specialist London criminal defence lawyer for fraud cases

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Specialist London criminal defence lawyer for fraud cases

The Fraud Act 2006 covers a range of offences including fraud by false representation, fraud by failing to disclose information and fraud by abuse of position. From benefit fraud through to more conspiracy to defraud, the offences carry potential sentences which vary considerably, generally based on the value of the alleged offence.

Fraud cases can involve individuals or companies and it is not uncommon for innocent parties to find themselves under suspicion for crimes committed by associates or colleagues, even if they themselves are completely free of blame for the offence.

Disclosure of evidence in fraud cases can be complex and ‘paper heavy’, often involving significant quantities of paperwork, computer data, phone records and bank records. The prosecution will typically serve literally thousands of pages of evidence which must be assessed by the court, so in order for a trial to be fair it is essential that an expert defence lawyer is instructed to examine that evidence from a defence perspective. The level of expertise required to accurately and thoroughly carry out this work is immense.

Nelson Guest and Partners are specialist criminal defence lawyers with extensive experience of representing those suspected of fraud, gained over 25 years practising criminal law in London and beyond. We provide impeccable service and clear, concise advice to our clients throughout the legal process.

We offer a friendly, confidential and obligation-free consultancy meeting which can take place in our central London meeting rooms or our South East London headquarters.

To instruct a London criminal defence lawyer with an excellent success rate in achieving the best possible outcome for its clients contact Nelson Guest and Partners on 020 8309 5010 or via our contact form.

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