Standing up for the Small Guy – Why Criminal Defence Lawyers Matter

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Standing up for the Small Guy – Why Criminal Defence Lawyers Matter

The English justice system has faced plenty of challenges over the past 25 years. Funding cuts have stretched the resources of the police, the courts and the prisons. The legal aid system is under ever-increasing pressure (and presently near to breaking point).

The disclosure crisis continues to affect those accused of crime and results in crucial material being withheld until the trial date. Legal firms opening, closing, expanding and contracting, alongside rapid growth in technology (as ever) are changing the landscape, sometimes for the better, but often for the worse.

At the same time the law continues to become more and more complex as new legislation is added by successive governments attempting to keep pace with ever more sophisticated criminal exploits, while many unfit for purpose - even archaic - laws remain intact, perhaps because reviewing and repealing them is just not high enough on anyone’s priority list.

Nelson Guest & Partners, a London firm of specialist criminal defence lawyers, have negotiated and renegotiated the legal system for more than 25 years and, through all the changes around them, have survived, says former partner and founder Stephen Nelson, by sticking to a very simple philosophy:

“We exist to rebalance the equation. Unchecked, the adversarial justice system will always lean in favour of the authorities. The prosecution have pressure on them to win cases just like everyone has pressure to ‘deliver’ in their line of work."

Ross Greig, another partner at the firm, added:

“The litigant in person [an individual who chooses to self-represent] is at a particular disadvantage. You don’t really stand a chance in court without a deep understanding of some of the extremely complicated legal issues which are likely to arise along with some experience and understanding of how and when to use it.”

The testimonials on Nelson Guest’s website speak of a firm who have gained popularity for being down-to-earth and treating those who find themselves on the wrong side of the law with dignity and respect. They also suggest an impressive success rate.

We hope you don’t find yourself needing the help of a criminal defence lawyer, but if you ever do, and you want to ensure a level playing field throughout the potentially life-changing legal process, then instructing a firm like Nelson Guest & Partners could be the best investment you’ve ever made.

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