Successful Appeal for Defendant Represented by Nelson Guest

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Successful Appeal for Defendant Represented by Nelson Guest

A defendant represented by Nelson Guest has successfully appealed a conviction where it was alleged that he had assaulted a lady whom he was in a relationship with at the said time.

The man of good character had protested his innocence from the outset, making clear that he was in fact assaulted by the complainant, and had to attend the address of a relative to try and avoid further incident. During the initial trial at which he had been convicted, the evidence provided by the complainant came with a concession that the defendant had been assaulted by the lady at the outset and an acceptance that she had in fact followed the defendant to a relatives address shortly afterwards when he refused to discuss matters. There was also evidence that when they argued he tended to leave and go somewhere else rather than be violent.

The defendant, who immediately appealed the conviction, appeared at Crown Court where he was represented by Nelson Guest’s Ross Greig. No evidence was offered against the defendant and the charges were dismissed. The defendant remains a person of good character with no previous convictions.

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